‘Just Shut Up!’

There are blogs, tweets, texts, updates on various platforms, conversations other people are having on the bus, train, street as you make your way to work. There’s a quick natter with one of your friends on the phone, your colleagues, clients, friends and then conversation at the dinner table.

In today’s world, there is so much being transmitted.

As a communications trainer, my focus tends to be on how to make that transmission clearer so that it is heard and understood, but the programmes I’m currently developing have taken me down another route. I am always advocating more communication but that doesn’t mean more speaking. In our attempts to get our point across, we very often over-communicate to satisfy ourselves rather than the other person. I am guilty of this too, so this week I ask you all to take some time and ‘just shut up’. Be still, close your eyes, take a deep breath, ground yourself, feel the ground beneath your feet … be silent.














How does it feel to just have some space, to be still? Good, isn’t it? We should all do it a little more often!

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4 thoughts on “‘Just Shut Up!’

  1. Chris says:

    Found your blog via Google+, so very true. It’s become a standing joke when us and our friends go out for dinner now for their to be a competition to ‘check in’!

    • Sufiya says:

      Good old Google+ 🙂 Maybe you can start a new competition- who can say as little as possible but still connect and communicate? Let me know ho wyou get on!

  2. Chet says:

    So true – I think we have information overload these days. Over the Xmas period I took the time to chill and it really made me feel more human again and realise that I need to find ways of doing the same on a regular basis.

    Reading this post reminded me of another good post I read just yesterday along similar lines: http://www.thinkproductive.co.uk/b4/2012/01/11/a-love-letter-to-being-human/

    • Sufiya says:

      Chet- Glad you managed to find time to chill out and hope you’re managing to keep up the practice. Also, thanks for pointing me to the other blog post- certainly resonated.

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